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W.C 16.11.20

We have had a lot of fun with Anti-Bullying Week, making Jigsaw pieces to show we're united, anti-bullying art, odd sock day, secret friends and more. The children have been so thoughtful, we know this will continue in Hummingbirds Class.

This week in our English lessons, we have continued to look at our new text 'The Dark'! We started our week, learning about rules for speech, we learnt a very catchy song that has still not left our heads! We finished our week writing the most fantastic setting descriptions all about the basement in our story. I was so proud of all the children in Hummingbirds, the best writing I have seen this year for sure! We edited our setting descriptions on Friday with ambitious vocab, after learning how to use a thesaurus. 

In Maths, we have continued looking at fractions. We can now find a fraction of a number, even if the numerator is bigger than 1! We have been focusing on unpicking problem solving questions and picking up the pace of how much we get done! 

The biggest achievement of our week was completing our Big Christmas Sing, please see a sneaky picture below. We can't wait for you to watch us in action when the film has been put together.