Headteacher’s Blog 22.9.17

Well, here we are at the end of another busy week at Eynsham Primary.  The Year 5s had a wonderful time at Hill End, we have elected our eight new Year 6 house captains, and the first three pieces of work have been placed on our new Golden Board in the hall.  Today Jill Plant, of Jill Plant Photography, spent some time around the school capturing children hard at work and then at play, and I am really looking forward to sharing those photographs with you on this site and on our reception TV screen in the coming weeks.

Today, myself and our deputy headteacher, Mrs Roberts, enjoyed spending time in every class looking at behaviour and learning, as we do regularly.  During our visit to Bobcats Class, we were struck by this piece of descriptive writing from Laurie, which I really wanted to share with you.

As you enter the awe-inspiring mass of the forest, the first thing you notice will be the autumnal orange of the leaves on the dark trees silhouetted against the creeping sunlight.  Underfoot, you spot a crinkly auburn mass of thousands of pieces of fallen bracken.  Looking up, you shield your eye against the dazzling sunlight illuminating the glorious crimson flowers.  Above them, the spidery branches reach out to the beckoning thorns.  Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of majestic stages with horns like branches of a river, their chestnut blending with the mahogany of the tress.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr M

Headteacher’s Blog 20.9.17

There is a growing awareness of mental health difficulties increasing amongst children and teenagers.  Some cite the stresses of modern life, including nigh-on 24/7 social media, lives spent on-line, financial difficulties amongst families, and the pressures of schooling.  I wanted to share this BBC article on a new study on teenagers, to illustrate where things have got to currently and where they may be headed.

This is not just a teenage issue, it is something for the parents and schools of younger children to act on also.

You can access the article here.

Mr M


Advert for Teaching Assistant post at St Peter’s School, Cassington

Please click below to read an advert for a part-time TA post at St Peter’s School:

TA advert templateOct 17

Advice for parents on Cyberbullying

Please click below to read latest advice on cyberbullying:

Advice for parents on cyberbullying

Foundation Stage Teacher advert – Standlake Primary School

Please click below to read an advert for a Foundation Stage Teacher at Standlake Primary School:

Job Advert – EYFS (2)

Pupil Premium and SEN reports published

Please click on the ‘Information’ tab then ‘General Information’ to locate our sections on the Pupil Premium and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, respectively.  If you select either of these sections, you will be able to read the relevant report to governors on these important areas for 2016/17.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Manager, David Marsh, should you require any further information.

Mr Moore

Headteacher’s Blog 8.9.17 – Austin’s Butterfly

I promised the children in assembly today that I would post the video of Austin’s Butterfly so that they could watch it again or share with the big people at home, if they wished.

During today’s assembly I reminded the children about our new school charter, and the idea of respecting ourselves, one another and our surroundings.  I talked about having a positive attitude and good manners, and also about how they should all be leaving school tired each day having jolly well worked their socks off in lessons.

I then handed over to Mrs Roberts, whom I had asked to share a video she had told me about called Austin’s Butterfly.  She showed it, and discussed the messages we receive from it, messages about perseverance, constructive feedback and striving for excellence.

The video is self-explanatory – enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr M

Headteacher’s Blog 6.9.17

It has been lovely today walking around the school and seeing the children engrossed in a variety of activities already.  Something in particular I saw a lot of was children reading, or selecting their reading books.  This led to some lovely conversations with them, including two Year 6s who just couldn’t put their books down during the lunch break.  A good number of the older children were reading one of the Harry Potter books, and were really enthusiastic in talking about them with me.

During the holidays I came across an article entitled ‘Harry Potter: How the boy wizard enchanted the world’, which I planned to share on my blog at some point.  Talking to the children today, and the fact that the 1st September 2017 was the day that Harry Potter’s youngest son started Hogwart’s, has prompted me to share this now.


Mischief managed.

Mr M

Newsletter and Curriculum Overview

Newsletter 1 Sept 2017

Curriculum Overview 2017-18

Amended Bartholomew School calendar for 2017-2018

Please click below to see the up-to-date list of term dates for Bartholomew School for this academic year.  Please note the change of date in July, which means Bartholomew pupils will break up three days before the primaries.

Bartholomew School calendar 2017-18

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