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All the children are having a fantastic time and are succeeding in the new challenges they are facing – even the adults are enjoying new challenges!

Year 3 Falconry visit.

Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous visit from Jason of Falconry UK today. The children got to meet an African white-faced owl, a blue – winged kookaburra, an African pygmy falcon, a frog-mouthed owl and an enormous Verraux eagle owl. Many of the children were allowed to have the birds of prey sit on their gauntlets before they had a workshop looking at the contents of an owl pellet…not so pleasant for those of us who had to break the pellets up!!

A brilliant morning. Thank you so much to Jason for coming to our school.

T.P. and G.W.

Teaching/Leadership vacancies

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Headteacher’s Blog 16.10.17

It was slightly unsettling this lunchtime to see the children just staring up at  the spooky, apocalyptic sky with its unnerving red sun.  They had all sorts of theories…from an imminent zombie invasion, God’s anger, Mars coming into orbit, or a ghost moon!  Children’s imaginations are just amazing, thriving on the wonders around them.  The late Sir Terry Pratchett used to write about ‘inspiration particles’ in his Discworld novels, and it’s as if the lunchtime sky today was filled with them!

Here is a link to some scientific information, courtesy of the BBC, should you wish to discuss other factors behind this phenomenon with your children.


Mr M

Newsletter – October 2017

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2017/18 School Development Plan now available

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Headteacher’s Blog 22.9.17

Well, here we are at the end of another busy week at Eynsham Primary.  The Year 5s had a wonderful time at Hill End, we have elected our eight new Year 6 house captains, and the first three pieces of work have been placed on our new Golden Board in the hall.  Today Jill Plant, of Jill Plant Photography, spent some time around the school capturing children hard at work and then at play, and I am really looking forward to sharing those photographs with you on this site and on our reception TV screen in the coming weeks.

Today, myself and our deputy headteacher, Mrs Roberts, enjoyed spending time in every class looking at behaviour and learning, as we do regularly.  During our visit to Bobcats Class, we were struck by this piece of descriptive writing from Laurie, which I really wanted to share with you.

As you enter the awe-inspiring mass of the forest, the first thing you notice will be the autumnal orange of the leaves on the dark trees silhouetted against the creeping sunlight.  Underfoot, you spot a crinkly auburn mass of thousands of pieces of fallen bracken.  Looking up, you shield your eye against the dazzling sunlight illuminating the glorious crimson flowers.  Above them, the spidery branches reach out to the beckoning thorns.  Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of majestic stages with horns like branches of a river, their chestnut blending with the mahogany of the tress.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr M

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