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Headteacher’s Blog 17.6.17

Here is an interesting and important article for anyone wishing to gain some insight into the context schools are operating within at the moment.  It is long, but worthwhile.  For my part, I think the best way of protecting our children is to stick it out, to carry on working as hard as one possibly can to be an effective headteacher and safeguard children in terms of welfare, attainment, progress and choice.

Mr M

‘I wake at 2am worrying about the children’: the headteachers leaving Britain’s schools

Too little money, too many tests: senior staff talk frankly about life on education’s frontline

Headteacher’s Blog 16.6.17

I wanted to share with you a correspondence from the National Association of Headteacher’s concerning the impact the school funding crisis had on the electorate.  I know a number of you have been supportive of this, so thank you for anything you have done.  Below is a summary of the article, which is available in full via this link.

Mr M


Press reports have confirmed this week that school funding played a part in helping the electorate decide how to vote in the General Election. This suggests that our high profile funding campaign, with union colleagues and funding groups, had a significant impact as people went to the polls last Thursday. “My thanks goes to all NAHT members and officials and to our colleagues in the education community,” says NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby. “It shows that if you blend energy, evidence and ethics, you can achieve a great deal in a campaign. Now we need to keep the pressure up towards an Autumn budget.”

School mock election results

The Eynsham Primary Key Stage 2 mock election 2017 results are now in, following children considering the parties’ policies then submitting their preferences to the ballot box.  The results are as follows:

The Labour Party = 69 votes

The Liberal Democrats = 61 votes

The Green Party = 36 votes

The Monster Raving Loony Party = 18 votes

The Conservative Party = 16 votes

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) = 4 votes

So, if the children of Eynsham were the voting populace of the United Kingdom, the Labour Party would govern the country under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  The children have all learned a great deal through this process.

Mr Moore and Mr Ottaway

Headteacher’s Blog 5.6.17

We are enjoying a calm, busy start to the new term.

Key Stage 2 children engaged in an assembly about the general election, during which they learned lots about how our democracy works and what will happen on June 8th.  The main political parties were discussed, and the children now have some time to consider the main policies of each before casting their vote in our very own election this Thursday.

Here is a link to some Newsround resources that help understand each of the main political parties, which could be helpful for you to watch and discuss at home.

Mr M

Headteacher’s blog 12.5.17

Today is a momentous day here at Eynsham Community Primary School.  In achievement assembly this morning, not only, for the first time ever, did we have an amazing FOUR classes receive best attendance certificates, but each of them was celebrating 100% attendance and punctuality.

The four classes are:





This is an amazing achievement!

Mr M

Headteacher’s Blog 4.5.17

May the fourth be with you….Happy Star Wars Day!  Today is, of course, also our traditional May Day celebration here at Eynsham Primary…pictures to follow.  Please click here to see our post on Eynsham May Day through the ages.

Mr M

Headteacher’s Blog 7.4.17

As I sit here in my office on the last day of term, from one side I can see a gorgeous clear blue sky shining with the promise of the spring break, in front of me the vibrant abstract artwork on canvas from an art club of yesteryear, and to the other side the book review tree, overflowing with children’s reviews. Just three different aspects of our wonderful school on this gorgeous spring morning. 

It has been another busy and very productive term, with the added gratification of recognition from out multi-academy trust partners of our school’s improvement within their standards and performance protocol.

I opened up my blog this morning to share two links advocating the championing of the performing and creative arts, and outdoor learning; all things that are central to our vision for education at Eynsham Community Primary School.  Below that I also include a post from a headteacher regarding the current budgetary crisis alluded to in my newsletter yesterday.  We, along with so many other schools around the country, are facing such a challenge in being able to maintain our principles and high standards, and deliver our vision for education.  As ever, in times of adversity or triumph, our school will do our absolute best, knowing we are not doing this alone but alongside our highly supportive parents, families, governors and the local community.

It simply remains for me to wish you all a happy, healthy and relaxing Easter spring break, and to thank you for taking the time to read this post.


Headteacher’s Blog – Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday we commemorated World Autism Awareness Day with a number of activities in school.  We welcomed Autism Advisory Teacher Suzanne Saunders, who shared experience and knowledge with the children in assembly and answered a wide range of questions.  In the Key Stage 2 assembly we were all really impressed by two Year 6 children who shared a presentation about being autistic (complete with amazing artwork) and another child who shared her experiences of living with an autistic sibling.  Talking in front of so many children and staff about such personal subjects took real grit and determination, and I was very proud.

Here is a really insightful video produced by the BBC on the subject, which we shared in the Key Stage 2 assembly yesterday.

Mr M

Headteacher’s Blog 3.4.17

I had the privilege of sitting in on a Year 4 RE lesson last week, exploring the topic of forgiveness.  At the end of the lesson the children shared their different interpretations, from posts, comic strips and advice from the Bible, to one poem.  I was so struck by this poem that I would like to share it with you now.  The children are the world’s future.

Mr M

Forgiveness is always possible
If you forgive someone
They will forgive you
For who you are
Be proud
Of who you are
Be strong
When you forgive
It won’t make you weak
It will make you strong
And set you free.

Noor Alhain, Year 4

Headteacher’s Blog 26.3.17

We finished the week with a really fun Red Nose Day in support of Comic Relief, raising money for good causes in the UK and in Africa.  During the day we enjoyed dressing up, sharing jokes, a rather silly poem about a baboon’s behind, and singing ‘My dog can do the can-can’ to Mrs Sonley in assembly.  The school council planned a fun Red Nose Olympics that was very much enjoyed by all, and we sang the official Red Nose Day song, ‘Put a nose on it’ with dabbing very much in abundance.  All of this raised money for a god cause, and raised awareness, so a huge Thank You to everyone involved, at school and at home.

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